Catering FAQ

Mobile Catering FAQ

What is your service area?
We are based in Hamilton but we cover Rotorua, Taupo, Tauranga, Raglan, the Coromandel, and Auckland. We also work outside this area at times. Contact Us and we will be able to talk about your requirements.

How much space do we need?
Our trailer requires a gate that is at a minimum 2 metres wide. To set up we need a space that is 3m wide and 6m long for the trailer. This is without the vehicle. We generally leave the trailer attached to the vehicle but can remove it if this is required. Please inform us if there are going to be width or height restraints at your location.

What is your minimum for catering?
Our minimum charge is the equivalent of 30 adults. If you have less than that, have a chat to us we may be able to help you.

How do you serve the Pizza?
We can serve Pizza in boxes or on Pizza boards. Generally for birthday parties or work functions we serve Pizza on a table and let your guests come up and take slices of what takes their fancy. We also supply serviettes and paper plates if required.

We can serve Pizza to tables or around a room with wait staff supplied by us or you. We are also able to cater for sit down dinners. Discuss with us what you are envisioning for your function.

Do you make your own dough?
Yes we do make our own dough fresh and bring it to your function in trays. We then hand stretch the Pizza from a 3″ ball to a 12″ Pizza base in front of your guests. This is both an attraction for your guests and means that our bases are crisp and chewy when being cooked in our wood fired oven.

What size are the Pizzas?
We normally cater with 12″ Pizzas (30cm). We can however supply something else if you require.

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